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The suggested itineraries are divided into fourteen-day and seven day cruises. However, during the course of your cruise you may wish to change your itinerary and the Captain will be only too happy to oblige.

Greece has an average of 315 days per year of luminous blue skies with a mild and rather dry climate. Generally, the seas are calm and ideal for relaxed cruising from April to early November, particularly in May, June, September and October.

There is a northerly trade wind called the "MELTEMI" which occurs usually from the end of July through to the end of August which can become strong but these winds are primarily encountered only in the central and eastern Aegean seas. In the Ionian Sea and many areas protected by land masses (such as the Saronic Islands) the winds reduce by as much as 2 - 4 Beaufort.

So, let us assist you in planning your sailing itinerary so that you encounter the best of everything that the Greek islands have to offer.
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